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Welcome to
Saint Joseph Parish
8 Robinson Avenue
Danbury, Connecticut 06810-5517
Telephone Number:  (203) 748-8177

Reverend Samuel V. Scott, Pastor

Reverend Michael J. V. Clark, Parochial Vicar 
Reverend Augustine Nguyen, In Residence 
Deacon Donald J. Naiman

Parish Office Hours 
Monday - Friday 
9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. 

All bulletin notices should be email to Kathee Meerman


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Holy Week Schedule


12:05 p.m. Daily Mass

4:00 p.m. Saturday Vigil

9:30 a.m. Sunday


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Easter Duty Obligation


Easter Duty Obligation – Must be made from the First Sunday in Lent, February 21st, through Trinity Sunday, May 30th. Self Denial – Is encouraged on a voluntary basis. Acts may include daily Mass, spiritual study, Lenten Devotions, the Rosary, Stations of the Cross and deeds of mercy and kindness.




Monday - Friday

12:05 PM (also live-streamed)

Saturday Morning

8:00 AM

4:00 PM (also live-streamed)

7:30 AM

9:30 AM Family Mass) (also live-streamed)

11:30 AM (Latin)

5:00 PM


Please be advised that intentions for Masses not on this schedule will be offered at private Masses at the same time as currently scheduled.


From Father Scott

February 10, 2021


I greet you in the Name of the Risen Lord! St. Joseph Church is truly a special parish community, and I hope and pray you are experiencing the graceful presence of Jesus, the Lord of life, in your encounter with the Lord as you worship in our beautiful church or through our Live streaming ministries.


Currently, I am on a medical leave from my parish responsibilities following my doctor’s orders and the approval of Bishop Frank Caggiano. My primary responsibility on medical leave is my health. I have some additional medical procedures in the future which are, at this time, guiding my needs. It is imperative that added stress not hamper the progress that has already been made.


In a recent Gospel for daily Mass this week, we heard that in whatever villages or towns or countryside Jesus entered, the people laid the sick in the market-places and begged him that they might touch only the tassel of his cloak; and as many as touched it were healed (Mark 6:53-56).


Indeed, Jesus is the One who brings healing, health, and restoration to us. That’s what the Lord wants for my life at this time, as well. While on leave, then, I am not able to be present for day-to-day pastoral care needs or emergencies. Bishop Caggiano has appointed Fr. Michael Clark as the priest-in-charge of addressing the pastoral and sacramental needs of our community. Bishop Caggiano has also appointed Fr. Corey Piccinino as the administrator of temporalities while I am on medical leave. Both appointments are meant to relieve me of stress so that I can have a full recovery. Please be advised that Fr. Clark can be reached by phone at the Parish Office (203)-748-8177.


I have been remembering you in my daily prayers and in my intentions at Mass which I am offering privately. I continue to ask for your prayers and understanding of my situation while on medical leave.


I am so proud of the recognition that St. Joseph School has received in the media recently for fulfilling its mission of education during the pandemic. Congratulations are  in order for Dr. Louis Howe, Jr., for the good work he and his teachers and staff are accomplishing. Likewise, I am grateful for Fr. Clark, Deacon Don Naiman, our Parish staff, our Trustees — Mrs. Connie LaGratta and Mr. George Godfrey, III — for their diligence and attentiveness. Finally, not least, I thank our Finance Council Chairman, Mr. Jerry Palanzo, for the yeoman’s work he is doing to keep our Parish moving forward in these very difficult times.


I thank you profoundly for all of the Mass intentions, cards, prayers, and get well wishes you have sent and offered for my recovery. I thank you, as well, for your stewardship during the time of the seemingly endless pandemic when we are trying to maintain the services offered to our community under highly stressful circumstances.


I am encouraged by the progress made thus far in addressing my well-being and am confident that in God’s good time I will return to active ministry re-invigorated and renewed in body, mind, and spirit. With assurances of my prayers for you and your loved ones, may I remain 


Devotedly in Christ,


Fr. Samuel V. Scott




Religious Education




Saturday Vigil  4:00 P.M. 

(also live-streamed)

7:30 A.M.

9:30 A.M. - Family Mass

(also live-streamed)
11:30 A.M.  - Latin, 1962 Missal  

5:00 P.M. 

Monday - Friday 
12:05 P.M. 



Saturday Morning

8:00 A.M.

   11:00 A.M. – 12:00 Noon  
3:00 P.M. 3:45 P.M

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